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POLL: Gothic tea and craft party

Posted by deathling on 2008.09.20 at 10:52
I was so inspired by Virginia's gothic lolita tea party last night at Ascension, that I've decided I'd like to host my own tea party sometime in the future. In addition to the tea, I'd like to have a gothic "craft class."

To all of the members in the md/dc/va area, would you be interested in coming to something like this at my home in Laurel, and, if so, what would you be interested in making? It can't involve much sewing, I'm not a sewingoth.
Potential possibilities include- sprucing up accessories such as purses, bags, wallets, shoes; making jewelery such as bracelets, chokers, earrings, etc; hair accessories; arm warmer type things; or even non-wearables, such as picture frames, boxes, or books.

I would like the craft to be something both sexes can appreciate.

I know many of the aforementioned things aren't stereotypical "manly man" items, because that is not something I am familiar with... then again, we aren't stereotypical here, are we? We could still do a manly craft, but I would need to help in instructing how to do it.

We could also have more than one craft available, or I could supply different variants on whatever item we chose to do, so that way everyone could take home something different and original.

Just like any real class, I would have to throw in a charge for the craft materials (I really hate to do it, but I simply couldn't afford to supply all the materials on my own). For the above mentioned things, I am thinking it would be around $10-$20. I could always go under that, depending on the item we were making, and if I already had the supplies.

So what do you think? Would you come? Is there anything in particular that you are interested in making? If you have any other ideas/comments/suggestions, let me know.

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Lady Strange
ladistrange at 2008-09-22 19:10 (UTC) (Link)
Can't say what sort of craft I'd be into..I sort of suck massively at all that stuff LOL. But I'd certainly be willing to try something :)

And tea with friends old and new is always good!!

My only thing is it would HAVE to be a weekend...that whole 3 hour drive one way thing and all :)
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