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Into the Woods

Crimson Empress

Posted by ladistrange on 2007.06.26 at 13:45
I feel: curiouscurious
Haunting Melody: Peter Murphy; "keep Me from Harm"
I really like this designer's pieces, and they seem to be one of the few that offer plus sizes that do NOT assume if you wear over a size 12 you MUST have a 44DD bustline.

They areE expensive however; at least to me. Not horrible, but a lot to spend on items if I find that the quality/wearability is sub par.

I REALLY want this skirt: http://www.crimsonempress.com/temptress.htm

but $220 is a LOT of money for me to be thinking of investing in one item of clothing, especially if I am successful at loosing weight. I've emailed them ask about how easily the skirt might be altered if I do drop a few sizes over the next year.

Has anyone purchased from them or does anyone have any of thier designs? What are your impressions?


queen_mab_fae at 2007-06-26 18:08 (UTC) (Link)
I do have one of her shirts and you are paying for a piece of quality work. I've been drooling over MANY of her designs for a while.

She's a real gem, so I'm sure that she will answer all of your questions to the best of her ability.
Lady Strange
ladistrange at 2007-06-28 20:05 (UTC) (Link)


2 days with no response. That's annoying.

But then, I'm sort of anal about returning calls/emails I guess because of my job.

OH! C. wanted me to ask you if you get the pix he sent?
queen_mab_fae at 2007-06-28 20:09 (UTC) (Link)


Ah! That's where those are coming from... I kept getting "Failed Picture Retrieval" Messages and I had no idea where they were coming from. Now I know.

So, to answer your question, no. Perhaps our phones don;t like each other. try form yours?
Lady Strange
ladistrange at 2007-06-28 20:42 (UTC) (Link)


I wanted to post the bat pic here on LJ, but I have no clue how...or even if I actually can !
Lady Strange
ladistrange at 2007-06-28 22:41 (UTC) (Link)


She got back to me this evening, and the information was excellent.

I definitely think I will be buying this for myself come Yule!!!!
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